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Ordinals in Korean

Ordinals in Korean are numbers used to tell order, first, second, third. Native Korean numbers and Sino-Korean numbers can both be made into ordinals. Ordinals may be used as adjectives or nouns.

To form an ordinal with Sino-Korean numbers simply add 제 before the number. Ex. 제 일 = first.

To form an ordinal with Native Korean numbers simply add 번째 after the number. Ex. 다섯 번째 = fifth.
“First” is an irregular so instead of 한 번째 for “First” 첫 번째 is used.
Also numbers 2, 3, and 4 are shortened.
두 번째 = second
세 번째 = third
네 번째 = fourth

Ordinals in Korean Table

English Sino-Korean Numbers Native Korean Numbers
first 제 일 첫 번째
second 제 이 두 번째
third 제 삼 세 번째
fourth 제 사 네 번째
fifth 제 오 다섯 번째
sixth 제 육 여섯 번째
seventh 제 칠 일곱 번째
eighth 제 팔 여덟 번째
ninth 제 구 아홉 번째
tenth 제 십 열 번째
twenty seventh 제 이십칠 스물 일곱 번째
fifty fifth 제 오십오 쉰 다섯 번째

이거는 내 세 번째 콜라예요 = This is my last cola.
이 시험은 내 두 번째 시험이에요 = This is my second test.



Learn Korean Language Tips

The Native Korean Ordinals may be shortened by just adding 째 instead of 번쩨.
첫째 = first
둘째 = second
세째 = third
넷째 = fourth

This form is often used to talk about the order of children in your family.
우리 두째 아들은 수학을 싫어해요 = Our second son hates math.



First in Korean 처음, 먼저

처음 = first
처음 is used in many different situations to signify “the start of something” and more often “a first experience.”

처음 뵙겠습니다 = Nice to meet you(very formal)
처음 먹었어요 = This is the first time I ate that.


먼저 = first, before anything else
먼저 is used signify that something is happening “first” of “before” others.

먼저 가요 = You leave first.
먼저 하세요 = You do that first.



Last in Korean 마지막

마지막 = last
마지막 is used to signify the “last” or “final” something in an order.
“Last” in English has many different meanings.
Ex. “Last night I ate pizza.” The proper Korean word for this sentence would be 어젯밤 = last night.
“This is the last piece of pizza.” The proper Korean word for this sentence would be 마지막 = last. This is because it was the “final” or “last” piece.

이거는 내 마지막 콜라예요 = This is my last cola.
나는 마지막 사람을 봤어요 = I saw the last person.


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