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How Much? How Many? in Korean

How much in Korean and How many in Korean have many uses. There are many different question words used in English and Korean for these functions. In this lesson you will learn them along with others like “How much does it cost?” and “How old are you?” Enjoy.

How Many? in Korean 몇

몇 = How many?
몇 is not used by itself.

Structure: 몇 counter?

Korean English
? How many items?
? What time?
? How old?
? How many months?
? What floor?
마리? How many animals?
? How many people?
시간? How many hours?
? How many bottles?
? How many times?

Common questions:

몇 시예요? = What time is it?
몇 살이에요? = How old are you?


When asking a longer question the structure is:

Noun 몇 Counter Verb?

를 몇 샀어요? How many cars did you buy?
맥주를 몇 마셨어요? How many bottles of beer did you drink?


Learn Korean Language Tips

몇 may have the meaning of  “a few” or “some” and be used to make a statement.
In these situations it replaces the Native Korean number.

저는 버거 먹었어요. I ate a few hamburgers.
저는 친구 만났어요. I met some friends.





How Much? How Many? in Korean 얼마나

얼마나 is placed before adverbs and verbs to mean “How” “How much” “How many” or “To what extent.”


얼마나 Descriptive Verb

Korean English
얼마나 (noun) 많아요? How much/many
얼마나 (noun) 매워요? How spicy
얼마나 (noun) 짧아요? How short
얼마나 (noun) 예뻐요? How pretty
얼마나 화나? How angry

Sample Sentences:
떡볶이는 얼마나 매워요? = How spicy is the dukbokki?
아버지는 얼마나 화나요? = How angry is father?



얼마나 Adverb

Korean English
얼마나 자주 (verb)? How often
얼마나 빨리 (verb)? How fast
얼마나 열심히 (verb)? How hard(diligently)
얼마나 천천히 (verb)? How slow
얼마나 잘 (verb)? How well

Sample Sentences:
축구를 얼마나 자주 해요? = How often do you play soccer?
영어를 얼마나 열심히 공부해요? = How hard do you study English?



얼마나 Action Verb

얼마나 may be placed before a verb to ask “How much do you verb?” or “To what extent do you verb?”
얼마나 is used for uncountable nouns. 몇 is used with countable nouns and Korean counters.

맥주를 얼마나 마셨어요? How much beer did you drink?
밥을 얼마나 먹었어요? How much rice did you eat?


The adverb 많이 may be used to add emphasis.

맥주를 얼마나 많이 마셨어요? How much beer did you drink?
밥을 얼마나 많이 먹었어요? How much rice did you eat?



얼마예요? How much does it cost? in Korean

얼마 with the verb 이다 attached may be used to ask the price of something or “How much does it cost?” in Korean.

Structure: Noun 얼마이다?

티셔츠는 얼마예요? How much is the T-shirt?
선풍기가 얼마예요? How much is the fan?
이게 얼마예요? How much is this?


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