For in Korean 동안 While in Korean 는 동안


For in Korean 동안 While in Korean

동안 is “For” in Korean and used to express duration. 동안 is also “While” in Korean and is used to express when two actions or events are happening at the same time. 동안 may also be translated as “During,” “At the same time as,” or “As” too.



동안 For in Korean

동아 is “For” in Korean. It is used to express the duration of an event or action, “I slept for 10 hours.”

동안 for in korean grammar structure

Korean Number/Korean English Sino or Native Numbers
이 초 동안 2초 동안 for 2 seconds Sino
오 분 동안 5분 동안 for 5 minutes Sino
세 시간 동안 3시간 동안 for 3 hours Native
 사 일 동안 4일 동안 for 4 days Sino
여섯 달 동안 6달 동안 for 6 months Native
 육 개월 동안  6개월 동안  for 6 months Sino
 칠 년 동안 7년 동안 for 7 years Sino

Sample Sentences in Korean

저는 육 개월 동안 공부했어요. = I studied for six months.
저는 세 시간 동안 먹었어요. = I ate for three hours.
저는 삼십 분 동안 잤어요. = I slept for thirty minutes.



동안 with Days in Korean

There are special words for duration regarding days. While there are special words for 1 to 10 days, you don’t need to memorize them all. Usually they are not used past the word “three days.” Instead the word “일” meaning day is used.

Korean English
하루 one day
이틀 two days
사흘 three days
나흘 four days
닷새 five days
엿새 six days
이레 seven days
여드레 eight days
아흐레 nine days
열흘 ten days

These words can be used with 동안 too.

Sample Sentences in Korean

저는 하루 동안 일본에 있었어요. = I was in Japan for one day.
저는 이틀 동안 공부했어요. = I studied for two days.




~는 동안 While in Korean

~는 동안 may be used to express “While” in Korean meaning two things are happening at the same time. Ex. I listen to music while I study. You may have two different subjects in a sentence that includes ~는 동안. Ex. I studied while my friend talked.

동안 While in Korean grammar structure

Korean English
저는 학교에 가는 동안 전화했어요. I made a phone call while I was going to school.
저는 공부하는 동안 음악을 들었어요. I listened to music while I studied.
친구가 말을 하는 동안 저는 텔레비전 봤어요. I watched television while my friend talked.


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