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Learning Korean takes dedication. If you are learning to read Hangul or you are jumping into advanced Korean grammar, you know it can be difficult.

Speaking to Koreans in their language along with opening up a world of opportunity and culture is amazing.

Hello in Korean delivers short, simple, and easy to understand lessons to learn Korean online for people looking for new opportunities because staying motivated and sticking to a plan while learning Korean is tough.


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About Thomas Fellows Hello in KoreanI’m Thomas Fellows. I’m an American that met a beautiful Korean woman, now my wife, while in University. I moved to Korea and have been here for over two years. For obvious reasons I started to learn Korean. I’ll never stop being a student of Korean and want to share what I have learned with all of you. It’s not necessarily very hard to learn Korean but it does take consistent deliberate                                               action. Let’s learn Korean online together.


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